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Specialty Coatings For Commercial & Industrial Applications

Picking the proper coating in industrial applications is key to maintain the integrity of your facility. We have experience working in all types of environments. Safety and compliance is a must in industrial institutions. Let us bring your facility up to code with the proper floor coating and striping to maintain a safe and organized shop.


When you need durable, high-quality paints and coatings in that can withstand the harshest industrial and manufacturing applications, you need our specialty paints and coatings. We have coatings and specialty painting Charlotte NC services that are perfect for waterproofing interior and exterior surfaces, corrosion control coatings, heat and corrosion control coatings and even coatings that are perfect for the interior and exterior or commercial freezers. 

Our Industrial/Specialty Coating Products and Services


Our coatings and paints are designed to give you the look, feel and durability you need to keep your Concord or Charlotte NC business looking and operating its’ best. We offer everything from metal and floor coatings to specialty paints for industrial and manufacturing applications. We even have freezer coatings for commercial and industrial freezers and heat resistant coatings for furnaces, boilers and incinerators. 

Low-Temperature Cure Coatings

Low temperature cure coatings can be powder finishes that cure at temperatures ranging between 275 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit, or they can include low temperature epoxy coatings, which are comprised of a two-part mixture. These coatings tend to take between six and 30 minutes to fully cure, which makes them desirable for applications where the substrate material can’t withstand high heat, like plastics, wood and certain types of metals. 

Rust Inhibiting Coatings for Metal Surfaces

Rust inhibiting coatings help stop corrosion and extend the useful lives of metal surfaces, like floor plates, railings, pipes and manufacturing equipment. They can even be used as freezer coatings. These coatings can contain zinc, aluminum, and ion or electroplating, depending on the type of coating. The coating prevents water from reaching the metal, which prevents rust and corrosion. These coatings can also improve the look of the metal surface. 

Heat Resistant and High-Temperature Coatings

Heat resistant coatings and paints are used in areas that routinely experience temperature in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These high-temperature coatings are typically recommended for furnaces, boilers, radiators, ovens, motors, engines, steam pipes or hot water pipes and trash burners or incinerators. 

Water Proofing Coatings For Masonry

Masonry, while being highly durable is not waterproof without a coating. This is because bricks and stones are porous, and when water or other liquid falls on the surface, it enters the pores and can potentially cause a degradation of the stone over time. Waterproof coatings can be used in basements and cellars, on floors and on stone, brick and concrete block walls. 

Epoxy And Urethane Coatings To Withstand Harshest Environments

Epoxy and urethane coatings are water and chemical resistant. They are perfect for coating concrete floors, counters and other surfaces that experience a lot of human and equipment traffic. Epoxy coatings can also be tinted and colored to provide the right look and feel for the area, and they can be mixed to provide anti-slip properties. 

High-Performance Coatings To Meet Your NC Business Needs

High-performance coatings are designed for heavily trafficked areas. These specialty coatings and paints are stain, scuff, scratch, abrasion, moisture, and impact resistant. These coatings can be used on interiors and exteriors in order to reduce the frequency of repainting, prevent premature corrosion and lower maintenance requirements for certain types of surfaces. 

Professional and Durable PPG Paints

When you need specialty painting Charlotte services, you can count on PPG paints. These paints are durable and high-quality with long lifespans. These paints are available in a wide range of colors and mixtures that are perfect for almost any interior or exterior surface, including walls, ceilings, shelves, and trim. They even have paints that provide one-coat coverage and include the primer, which helps eliminate odors that were absorbed into the previous paint while seamlessly sealing the surface and covering stains and discoloration. These paints are also washable and scrubbable. 

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